This time of year is when people are most likely day to give up on their new year’s resolutions. But don’t worry if you’ve already fallen off the bandwagon. Maybe you just set the wrong type of goal for you at this point in time. Read on if you want to some walking adventure ideas for beginners to help you set some realistic goals for 2020….

When you’re deciding what your next ‘adventure’ (I use the term loosely) is it realistic? Is it achievable? Is it realistic to be always seeking that better, faster, stronger self? What if you’ve hit your 5km running personal best, you’ve plateaued in your sport or you don’t want the stress or pressure of training anymore. You still want a goal right? Everyone wants a purpose, something to aim for? So instead of resolutions, why not challenge yourself and learn something new about yourself? Or better still, make it an adventure!

Adventures may not make you faster or stronger, but hopefully they will make you a better, more rounded person who can learn how to face difficult situations. They may teach us to remain calm in stressful situations, they may also teach us that we are a lot stronger than we think both physically and mentally. 

Challenges are very personal. Walking 10miles in the beautiful Peak District might sound like a nice stroll for some, whilst for others, it’s something that at this point in time, is unrealistic; a 5km walk would be a suited challenge.

Read on to get some ideas for ‘adventure’ walks and walking challenges, starting at beginners “couch” level.

Beginner adventures

  • Raise money for Sport Relief 
  • Go geocaching – download the app and go treasure hunting anywhere
  • Hike up a hill or walk along a river and have a picnic

Intermediate adventures

  • Learn how to navigate using a map and compass
  • Walk up the biggest hill in your county (or drive to a neighbouring country if you live in Norfolk or Lincolnshire!)

More advanced adventures

To help get you started (and to stick with those realistic New Years Resolutions) WildWays are organising a number of events:

  • Saturday 14th March –  Sport Relief family walk (5miles, starting at Longshaw Estate) 
  • Saturday 4th May – Navigation skills walk for beginners (Dark Peak, TBC)
  • Saturday 2nd May – Off-path navigation skills walk (Edale)
  • Saturday 13th June – Navigation skills walk for beginners (Dark Peak, TBC)
  • Saturday 18th July – Off-path navigation skills walk (Edale)

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All the photos on here are of me, my partner and my dog Lance on or close to really accessible footpaths. We just needed to wrap up warm if it was cold and take out a picnic (a flask, a loaf of bread and a block of cheese if some cases). My point, it doesn’t need to be complicated.