10 hacks for socialising outside this winter

Read on for my top 10 hacks for socialising outside this winter. Get ready for cold weather, outdoor socially-distanced, covid-19 restricted winter meet ups! We’re now well into autumn (which I personally love) but with covid-19 restrictions not going away any time soon and the colder months of winter just around the corner, we [...]

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10 Ways to be Wild During Lockdown

Looking back through previous posts, I discovered this "10 Ways to Stay Wild this Summer" which sprung from the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild campaign. In today's weird world, some of the things aren't appropriate but we still want to remain as wild as we can. So read on to find 10 ways to be [...]

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walking adventure ideas for beginners

This time of year is when people are most likely day to give up on their new year's resolutions. But don’t worry if you’ve already fallen off the bandwagon. Maybe you just set the wrong type of goal for you at this point in time. Read on if you want to some walking adventure [...]

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How far can I run in 24 hours?

It’s nearly a year since I ran Endure24 Leeds 2018. Here’s what I wrote about it at the time... I’d entered the Endure24 running event near Leeds for the 2nd year running as a team of 5. The idea of the race/ event/ sadistic torture, call it what you like, is that, like a [...]

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