Navigation for women

Who says women can’t read maps? Prove those stereotypes wrong with this women-led, women-only group. Here, you can be safe and be yourself; ask those questions and gain the confidence you may need to create your own safe adventures.

Navigation for Women

Be safe and be yourself on this women only navigation skills day.  Ask all the questions you need without embarrasment and gain the confidence you may need to help create your own safe adventures in the hills and fells.

The navigation skills day are aimed at both walkers and runners who want to get out more and explore the fells and moorlands. If you are one of those ladies who rely on other people, guidebooks, well-defined routes or their phone, then this navigation course is perfect you.

The days are usually based around the South Yorkshire area and Peak District.

Check out the Upcoming Events page for any open navigation skills days this season. Or, if you have a group of girlfriends that want to have a fun day out together and learn something new, then contact me directly to arrange a date.

The course consists of a mixture of classed-based exercises where you get familiar with different maps with some fun hands-on activites followed by walks where you put your new skills into practise!

WildWays will supply maps and compasses on the day but feel free to bring your own if you have them.

To book, check out the Upcoming Events page for “Navigation for women” or contact me directly for a group booking.

Pricing: £32 each

Gemma Scougal navigating to Stanage Edge, Peak District on a cold wet day

Kit List Essentials

  • Sturdy walking boots and socks

  • Comfortable clothing (I would not recommend jeans or cotton-based t-shirts)

  • Lunch, snacks, and liquids (preferably water)

  • Spare warm layer

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Personal first aid kit including any medication that you require

  • Rucksack (25-35 litre capacity)

  • Cash (car parking, ice cream etc.)

  • Good sense of humour!

Kit List Extras (depending on season and weather)

  • Walking poles – especially useful across uneven or boggy ground and streams

  • Waterproof trousers

  • Gaitors

  • Flask

  • Warm hat, gloves, buff/scarf

  • Dry bags or plastic bags to keep things dry in your rucksack if it doesn’t have it’s own cover.

  • Sun cream with a high SPF

  • Sun hat/sunglasses