Navigate with confidence

WildWays provides a variety of navigation skills days and courses in the Peak District and South Yorkshire region. Whether you’re a runner who wants to explore the fells, a family wanting a big day out or just wanting to expand your adventures. There’s a navigation course for everyone.

Navigation courses in the Peak District and South Yorkshire

Are you always getting lost, or relay on your phone to find your way around? Do you rely on guide books or other people to take you place places? You may be a fell runner who has a map and compass in their FRA kit list but has no idea how to use it? Or you may lack the confidence to go and explore new places? Do you want to take your family out for an adventure but don’t know where to start? WildWays can provide you with right navigation course in the Peak District to give you the knowledge to help you on your way.

Look no further. WildWays can provide a navigation course in the Peak District or South Yorkshire region for everyone. Learn or re-fresh your nav knowledge with a WildWays navigation skills.

Check out the Upcoming Events page for a full listing of what’s going on this season.

Kial taking a compass bearing

Why choose WildWays?

WildWays are:

  • Passionate about the outdoors and want to share my enthusiasm with you.
  • Considerate and cater for small groups to ensure that you get a more personal approach and the best experience.
  • Conscious of keeping my clients safe; I am a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader through Mountain Training Association and I’m also certified as an Outdoor Emergency First Aider.
  • Always aiming to provide the highest quality of service and give you a day out that you’ll find both inspiring and rewarding.